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Secure Job Position Review
Program: Secure Job Position
Recommended: Nope

Curious about Secure Job Position?

Want to know if you can make quick, easy money with the program?

Hate to break it to you but you can’t.

I know, it sucks. You probably had some high hopes for the program.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’d rather steer you in the right direction than see you go off and waste your money on a scam program like Secure Job Position.

My guess is that you are interested in making money online?

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Want to learn more about Secure Job Position?

Read on to find out why you should avoid this scam.

Secure Job Position Review

If you haven’t gone thorough the sign up process yet, good, don’t waste your time.

One of the first steps for signing up is submitting your email and phone number. They claim that they need this info to make sure that the program is available in your area.

In reality they are just harvesting your personal information so they can spam the hell out of your mailbox and sell your phone number to a third party. If you want a bunch of unsolicited phone calls and a crap load of spam, then by all means supply them with this info.

Same ol’ same ol’

I bet you didn’t know that Secure Job Position has been around for a very long time but going under a variety of different names.

secure job position logo

Here are just a couple of their other identities:

replace your job logo

secure job position review


Notice the similarities?

The scam is always the same. The only thing that changes is the name.

Let it be known that every one of these variations of the program is a known scam. Why else would they continuously need to change their name and website?

If the program was legitimate they would keep the same name and website.

They change the name when people begin catching wind of the scam and they start garnering some bad press.

Name change = fresh start


Did you notice the image of well-known news agencies?

Cash from home scam

You may have thought that the program is affiliated with them in some way.

Well you would be wrong.

The creators of Secure Job Position place this image there to make people think that. They are likely using the images without permission.

For most people, when they see those logos, it creates a bit of trust in their minds. That is the whole idea.


Then there is the video:

Just another deception. The news video was talking about working from home in general. It makes no mention of the Secure Job Position program.

What is Secure Job Position exactly?

Well it involves link posting.

The program costs $67, and for that you will learn how to post links in various places on the internet. Every time someone clicks the link, you are supposed to make money.

They claim that companies are in need of people like you to post links for them.

If we are to trust what they say, you can earn between $5-$30 for every link you post.

This is just absolute BS.

That would cost these companies a fortune. Not to mention they could outsource this work to a foreign country and pay people pennies to do it if they wanted to.

In a way, this program is similar to affiliate marketing.

The key difference is that affiliate marketing is a legit way to make money online. That is because it is a real online business. I actually make money online doing affiliate marketing.

Is Secure Job Position a scam?

Yes. Don’t waste your money on this garbage.

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Hey, thanks for stopping by to check out my review of Secure Job Position! Any questions? Go ask someone else! Just kidding. Feel free to comment down below ↓


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