25 Inspirational Bloggers That You Should Be Following

25 inspirational bloggers

alex solAlex Sol

Extra Paycheck Blog

I’ve been following Alex’s blog for a while now. Whether its an in-depth review or an informational how-to, there is always something for everyone in Alex’s blog posts.

He’s been making money online since 2007 and started his blog in 2008. Through his Extra Paycheck Blog he has provided countless people with the knowledge and inspiration to achieve financial success through online marketing.

I’ve always liked the message that Alex conveys; anybody who has the desire to learn and is willing to put time and effort into their online business can achieve success.

Kyle loudoun

Kyle Loudoun

Ways To Avoid Scams Online

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Kyle. In fact, I know of a lot of people that can say the same thing.

Kyle is one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, a training platform and community that helps people find success online with affiliate marketing.

When Kyle isn’t changing people’s lives over at Wealthy Affiliate, he is helping people avoid internet scams with his blog.

He has been making money online since 2002, and has seemingly endless amounts of wisdom and knowledge to share, all stemming from his personal experiences with internet marketing.

angelAngel Shama Sharon

Above and Beyond the Horizon

Angel’s website is a great resource for anybody interested in starting their own blog. She offers some really good recommendations to newcomers who might not know where to get started.

I personally like her post on Basic Blogging Don’ts. It’s an excellent source of information that anybody new to blogging can benefit from.

Angel also offers some very insightful program reviews and helps people steer clear of internet scams.

Aside from being an inspirational blogger, Angel also has a talent for poetry that she shares via her blog as well.

eddy salomonEddy Salomon

Work At Home No Scams

Eddy’s story has always been a source of inspiration for me. He’s a guy that dedicated himself to making money online.

Through all the ups and downs, Eddy still stuck with it and is now a very successful full time internet marketer.

His story resonates with me, because like Eddy, I too am a father and I know the value of being able to work from home and spend time with my children.

Check out Eddy’s blog for in-depth program reviews and tons of great information on how to get started working from home.

anh nguyenAnh Nguyen

Blogging Thing

Anh provides a ton of value to readers through his blog. Whether its program reviews, how-to’s, or even useful blogging tools, there is something for every blogger on his website.

If your new to blogging, I recommend checking out Anh’s site.

I particularly like his post 11 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A New Blog. Anh does a great job highlighting pitfalls that new bloggers commonly make.

erikErik Emanuelli

No Passive Income

I have been using Erik’s blog as a source of valuable information for a while now. His tips and tricks are extremely useful and easily actionable by anyone on their own blogs.

Eric has been making money online for many years, and has some phenomenal insight for anyone looking to follow in his footsteps.

My personal favorite section on his site is his Blogging Tips. There are tips for all levels of bloggers here. Newcomers and experienced alike.

nathaniell brenesNathaniell Brenes

One More Cup of Coffee

Nathaniell has a pretty inspirational story. He started his internet marketing journey while living overseas. Through his hard work and dedication, he is now a very successful internet marketer and author.

His blog offers some insightful, and often times humorous program reviews. He is also a great source of how-to’s for anyone interested in making money online.

I really like how he shows new bloggers that there are many ways to monetize a blog. He does a great job of opening the door to multiple income streams online.

bishal biswasBishal Biswas


Bishal’s blog offers some really in-depth and informational how-to guides. You can tell that Bishal has a passion for helping people create and grow their online business.

Bishal has been blogging since 2012 and is highly recognized for his work.

I find inspiration in the work that Bishal does, and it reminds me that you can really have a positive impact on people’s lives by guiding them to financial freedom through internet marketing.

heidi cohenHeidi Cohen


Heidi’s blog is a great source of information for new and experienced bloggers alike. I often find myself visiting her site and spending an hour there pouring through her blog posts.

She really does offer some great advice on how to improve online businesses.

Even though she offers helpful advice to experienced bloggers, she doesn’t forget about the newbies and has many posts that new bloggers will benefit from.

edy chandraEdy Chandra

My Success Online Marketing

Edy is one of those bloggers that enjoys the freedom of not having to work for a boss. His ability to create a successful online business and live life on his own terms is inspirational to any new blogger looking to do the same.

His blog is full of program reviews that help people avoid common internet scams. Edy also offers an in-depth how-to section for newbies looking to get started with their very own blog.

Edy’s post on How to Write Quality Content is an excellent read and offers some very actionable advice.

Anil AgarwalAnil Agarwal

Bloggers Passion

Anil uses his blog to share everything that has worked for him to increase his traffic and sales.

All the tips and tricks he provides are gathered from his real world experience.

His how-to’s are vastly in-depth and very actionable. Its easy to lose yourself in all the great info that Anil provides with his site.

marko saricMarko Saric

How To Make My Blog

Marko’s blog offers something for everyone.

If your looking to improve your blog, or maybe your just getting started, you can find vast amounts of value on his site.

You won’t find many bloggers with more experience than Marko. He has been running an online business since 1997!

Check out his “Learn How to” guides or a post of his that I find very interesting; 32 Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging

jamie spencerJamie Spencer

Make a Web Site Hub

One of the things that I like about Jamie’s blog, is that his message is similar to mine. Neither of us believe that you should have to work your life away at some crappy job, and miss out on the important things in life.

His blog is meant for people who are interested in improving their lives and start living life the way it was meant to be lived.

He offers how-to’s on creating your first blog and plenty of in-depth product reviews.

chris leeChris Lee

A Blog on Blogging

You can tell that Chris has a passion for what he does. Its evident in his writing. That passion really resonates with readers.

Chris started his online business because, like me, he hates the traditional 9-5 job.

He offers plenty of valuable information to his readers through reviews, and informational how-to’s.

I like how Chris isn’t afraid to admit some of his past blogging mistakes, and actually takes the opportunity to help newbies avoid those same pitfalls.

roope kiuttuRoope Kiuttu 

Your Online Revenue

Roope’s blog is full of valuable information for anyone interested in making money online.

He offers a ton of in-depth reviews, and some informative how-to guides.

If your new to making money online, you will find lots of information on Roope’s blog that will help you get started.

An interesting fact about Roope, is that he is one of Finland’s top chess players. I always liked chess, even though I’m terrible at it.


riaz shahRiaz Shah

My Internet Quest

Riaz’s story offers a lot of inspiration to anyone interested in making money online. He’s a testament to the fact that you can achieve success online if you put the work in.

There is a ton of great information on Riaz’s blog. Whether your new to making money online, or an experienced blogger, Riaz offers some great how-to guides.

He also shares his in-depth product reviews that help people avoid common internet scams.

One of his posts that I find very informative is his guide on How to Find Keywords with Low Competition

sue dunlevieSue Dunlevie

Successful Blogging

I regularly visit Sue’s blog for her valuable insight. Whether your a experienced blogger or just looking to get started, you will learn something new every time you visit her page.

From her in depth how-to guides, to her useful tips, you will find something on Sue’s page that will help you grow and improve your online business.

If your looking to increase your blog traffic (who isn’t?), check out one of her posts that I find very useful; The Best Traffic Strategy To Quickly Skyrocket Your New Blog

neil patelNeil Patel


What can I say about Neil? If your serious about learning online marketing his blog is a excellent place to get started.

From beginner strategies to advanced techniques, every blogger can benefit from the information Neil provides on his page.

What’s really inspiring about Neil is that he has a genuine passion for helping others succeed with their online business.

matthew woodwardMatthew Woodward


Matthew is an award winning blogger with a ton of experience. If your a blogger looking for ways to monetize your site, or are interested in improving your search engine rankings, his blog is for you.

Mathew has helped countless bloggers improve their sites, which has lead to increased traffic and profits.

He is an expert in SEO, and has many in-depth tutorials where he shares his knowledge base with his readers.

ravi chaharRavi Chahar

Blogging Love

If you interested in starting a new blog, Ravi’s site is a great resource. He offers tons of how-to guides and helps new bloggers avoid some common mistakes.

From making money online, to blogging, and web development, Ravi covers it all. If your serious about getting started with a online business I recommend you check out his site.

Check out one of his posts that I thought was worth sharing;  15 Proven Tips To Get More Visitors To Your New Website

louie lucLouie Luc

Buzz Nitrous

Interested in making money through niche marketing? Louie’s blog is worth checking out.

Louie has a pretty interesting story on how he got started with his first website way back in 1999! Its safe to say that he has some pretty extensive experience when it comes to building a website.

His blog offers in-depth how to guides and product reviews.

If your getting started with a niche website, I recommend checking out his post; Setting Up a Niche Website: How to Make It Stand Out

Jay Neill

Affiliate Resources

If your trying to grow your online business or new to affiliate marketing, Jay is your guy. From keyword research, to SEO training, his blog offers something for everyone interested in internet marketing.

If that isn’t enough, Jay does weekly live training classes over at Wealthy Affiliate where he helps thousands of people build and improve their online business.

mi mubaMi Muba

Be a Money Blogger

Mi has a very interesting story with how he got started with blogging. Its inspirational to read that even though he made his fair share of mistakes in the beginning, he kept at it and is now a successful blogger.

Mi helps new bloggers by helping them avoid the mistakes that he once made. He not only learned from those mistakes, but is now helping others learn from them as well.

If you’re interested in making money online, Mi’s blog offers tons of great information for newbies to get started.

Check out Mi’s 10 Super Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out From the Crowd

dominique jDominique Jackson


When in comes to content, Dominique is an expert. He started out getting paid to write content for various websites and blogs. He quickly figured out that with all the knowledge he acquired through creating content for other people, he could be successful with his own internet marketing business.

I always wondered if any of those Fiverr writers ventured into their own online marketing businesses since they create content pertaining to it all day.

Dominique’s approach to SEO is unique and emphasizes that content is king. Check out his blog for his in depth how-to guides and revealing product reviews.

john gibbJohn Gibb

Healthy Wealthy Affiliate

Check out John’s blog if your serious about becoming an affiliate marketer. He has been involved in internet marketing since 2003, so he has a vast amount of experience and wisdom to share.

John’s blog is full of helpful information on starting up a successful affiliate marketing business. He shows readers how to choose a niche, research keywords, and improve SEO.

Whether your new to affiliate marketing or looking for techniques to grow your business, John’s blog has something for you.

My Thoughts

There is inspiration to be found whenever someone uses their knowledge and experience to help others succeed. Each one of these bloggers contribute to the internet in a positive way by helping others.

Their blogs are a great resource for me, and regularly provide useful information that I use to improve my own site. I recommend you check out their blogs if your interested in growing your online business

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  1. Thank you for including me in such great company. I’m a big fan of both Neil Patel and Matthew Woodward. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen – Actionable Marketing Guide

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