2Captcha Review – What Is 2Captcha? .18 Cents Per Hour? No Thanks.

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Does anyone else hate captchas? They are so annoying. If you aren’t exactly sure what a captcha is, it’s those things you regularly encounter on the internet that require you to verify that you are a real person.

i hate captchas

Current computer programs can’t read distorted text, so captchas are effective at verifying that a person is real and not a computer.

Captcha stands for: Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart.

Thank god for acronyms ??

There are multiple types of captchas. Here are a few examples:

a captcha

image captcha

a captcha

2Captcha is a program that offers you money for solving these little annoyances. When I found the program, my first thought was, why would they pay anyone to solve captchas? And can you really make money with 2Captcha?

Lets take a closer look at 2Captcha and see what its all about.

What is 2Captcha.com?

2Captcha is a program that offers to pay people like you to solve captchas. You will be solving captchas in real time for people on the internet.

So for every captcha that you are solving, there is someone (not necessarily a real person, I’ll explain later) waiting for you to solve it for them.

The idea is to help people who have trouble reading captchas. But this can easily be manipulated by people with bad intentions. Again, I’ll explain in a bit.

Once you create your 2Captcha account, you can start solving captchas.

You have up to 15 seconds to complete a captcha. If you can’t read it, or complete it within 15 seconds, the captcha goes onto another person to solve it.

2Captcha expects 100% accuracy when it comes to solving captchas. If you make a bunch of mistakes you run the risk of being banned from the program.

The minimum payout threshold is $5

How much can you make with 2Captcha?

I wasn’t very impressed with the earning potential of 2Captcha. And that is an understatement.

I’m going to throw a little math at you here. Try and stay awake. Or just skip past it ?

man falling asleep

Here is what we know from 2Captcha.com

1,000 captchas earns you .50 cents


10,000 captchas earns you $5 (minimum payout)

We know 2Captcha gives you 15 seconds to complete a captcha. I’d say 10 seconds is a fair average amount of time it takes a person to complete 1 captcha.

So completing 10,000 captchas at a rate of 10 seconds per captcha = 28 hours needed to reach the minimum $5 payout.

$5.00/28 hours = about .18 cents per hour.

.18 cents per hour? Clearly I value my time more than that. How about you?

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What I don’t like about 2Captcha

Aside from the abysmal pay the program offers, there are a few other things that bug me about the program:

As annoying as captchas are, they serve a real purpose on the internet. They reduce spam and limit lots of illegal activities. With 2Captcha there is no way to know exactly who we are solving these captchas for. The possibility is high that we are solving captchas for the very thing the captcha is designed to keep out. Bots. By aiding these bots in bypassing the captcha, we are contributing to internet spam and even some potential illegal activity.

Is 2Captcha a scam?

No, I don’t think that 2Captcha is a scam, but I really don’t recommend anyone waste their time with the program. There are far better ways to make REAL money online. Getting paid .18 per hour should be considered an insult. You can make more money collecting cans.

Check this out instead

2Captcha seems like a great waste of time to me. But hey, if you want to give it a shot, I say go for it.

If your not interested in wasting your time with 2Captcha, I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate instead.

I know Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a waste of time, because I used the program to build a profitable online business.

If you are interested in learning more about it, check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review HERE.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my 2Captcha review. If you have any experience or insight with the program, please leave a comment below ↓


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