Clickworker Review – What Is Clickworker?

What is Clickworker

I recently signed up for Clickworker because I was curious to see if I could make any money with the program.

I’m personally not that interested in programs like Clickworker because the pay for these types of programs is usually pretty low. But since most of my readers are interested in making money online, I decided to see if Clickworker could be a program that I recommend. ?? ??

For starters, what is Clickworker?

Simply put, Clickworker is a program that pays you to complete small tasks for companies that require a human’s touch. The tasks are usually opinion based tasks such as:

  • Surveys
  • Categorizing images
  • Writing
  • Sharing opinions
  • Performing web searches

The tasks are pretty simple to complete but since they are mostly opinion based, the companies can’t use artificial intelligence to complete them. That is where you come in.

Getting started with Clickworker

Setting up an account with Clickworker is pretty simple. You will need to create an account and verify your account with a confirmation email. Just a heads up, my verification email went straight to my spam folder so keep that in mind.

After you enter the members area, you have to fill out your profile in order to qualify for any of the tasks. The info you provide in your profile helps Clickworker determine your skillset and select tasks for you that match your abilities. Basically they don’t want to send you a task that requires Spanish translation, if you don’t speak Spanish. ??‍♂️

Clickworker also requires you to complete a series of assessment tests. These tests are intended to test your reading and writing comprehension. They are very simple and basic. If you are reading this review, chances are you will have no problem completing these assessments.

The real question. Can you make money with Clickworker?

Sort of. Maybe? I only made .10 cents in 3 days. The problem for me is I am not getting any tasks to complete. I checked daily to see if there were any tasks I could take but there has been next to nothing. The task that I earned the .10 cents with was a picture categorizing task that took me about 3 minutes to complete.

Out of curiosity I decided to check out some other user reviews to determine if perhaps my situation is just an anomaly.

Clickworker reviews

clickworker review

clickworker review

clickworker reviews

So apparently my situation isn’t unique. This is just a small example of Clickworker reviews. But from what I gathered, a lack of tasks to complete is the most common complaint.

There were also a few reviews of people who claimed to not get paid and having their account terminated when they had money owed to them. That sounds like it would suck, and its definitely something I would keep in mind.

Is Clickworker a scam?

No, I don’t think that Clickworker is a scam. I think some people make a little money with the program. With that being said, I wouldn’t recommend the program to anyone though. I would only recommend a program that I was able to make some money with, and in my book .10 cents isn’t making money.

Check this out instead

Websites like Clickworker and survey websites offer very little compensation for your time and effort. Although you can make a little money with some of these types of programs, its not very much. And it isn’t consistent.

I know because I used to try and make money online with websites like Clickworker and survey sites. Although I did make a little money, it was never enough worth mentioning.

If you are interested in making money online, I just want to let you know that you don’t have to settle for making pennies.

You can actually make a full time income online. I do.

Instead of Clickworker, my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a free program that teaches you how to build a online business that can make you a full time income from home.

WA is where I started after I got tired of wasting my time taking surveys online.

I was a total newbie to making money online, but I followed the training at Wealthy Affiliate and was able to build a online business that turned into a full time income.

Like I said earlier, this website is here to help people make money online. If it works for me, I’ll share it with you.

Ready to start working towards a full time income online? Start your free membership at Wealthy Affiliate here.

Alternatively, check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here. 

Thanks for checking out my Clickworker review. If you have any experience with the Clickworker program I would be interested in hearing about it in the comments below ↓



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