Affiliate Titan Scam Review – Find Out Why I Wasn’t Very Impressed

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Affiliate Titan is all about making money through affiliate marketing.

I agree that affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, (thats how I make money online) but do I recommend the Affiliate Titan program as a way to make money with affiliate marketing?

Read on for my full Affiliate Titan Review.

What is Affiliate Titan?

If you haven’t seen the Affiliate Titan promo video, you can check out the 8 minute video below:

Skip passed the video if you have seen it

Affiliate Titan is a internet marketing program designed by Joe and Schmo Chris and Ken.

In the program Chris and Ken claim that they will show you the secrets to making over $20 million dollars in sales from some of the most popular digital marketplaces like JV Zoo and Clickbank. They also say that they will show you how to profit from email marketing and video marketing.

If you want to skip the suspense and hear my opinion now, overall I wasn’t impressed with the program. It was full of upsells that require you to make extra purchases. The training was lackluster. And if your a newbie to internet marketing, I think you will struggle to profit from the concepts that are taught in the Affiliate Titan program. Want to learn more? Read on.

A better affiliate marketing program is HERE. Check it out instead.

Who is Chris and Ken?who is chris and ken mystery silhouette

Chris and Ken are the creators of Affiliate Titan and have been in the internet marketing business for a while. They are also the creators of multiple making money online programs like Video Titan, and T-Shirt Titan. These guys like Titans.

What I didnt like about Affiliate Titancat in the water saying this sucks

Upsells (additional purchases)

Nobody wants to be pressured into spending more money after they purchase a program intended to make them money. So I was kind of turned off by the additional upsells within Affiliate Titan.

The training is, uh, well lets just say it sucks

Chris and Ken show you a method of finding products that they believe will be profitable. The idea is to find these products and be an affiliate and promote the product(s).

In order to promote the products, you will be shown how to

  • Create a landing page
  • Create a video (youtube)
  • Optimize the video and landing page so that people can find it (SEO)
  • Get visitors to purchase the product you are promoting and then earn commission

Now the premise behind the training isn’t what sucks. How they are advocating that you implement the training is what sucks.

In order to make the training ‘newbie friendly’ they simplify the techniques you should be using. In essence they teach you techniques that could work, and show you how to half ass them.

The problem is, it isn’t anything new. People have been using the crappy techniques taught inside Affiliate Titan for years. The thing is, they aren’t making any real money.

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I call BS on the earning claims

As I have come to find with most internet marketing products, the earning potential that they claim is exaggerated as all hell.

Its funny, all the legitimate making money programs that I have come across, never claim to make you rich overnight or earning $10,000 daily.

Its just the crappy, illegitimate, spam ones that do that. Kind of ironic.

Chris and Ken make many claims of earning over $8,000 daily with the Affiliate Titan system. This just isn’t going to happen with the crappy training and techniques offered with Affiliate Titan.

The crazy thing is, that lots of people buy into these claims and purchase the system. Its an unfortunate reality that the creators of programs like these are profiting off of there lackluster training methods.

Is Affiliate Titan a scam?red thumbs down

No, its not a scam. Do I recommend it? Also No.

I really don’t label a making money program a scam unless the main goal of the program is to take your money, while offering something of no value in return.

Affiliate Titan offers training that in theory could work. But how well it could work, won’t be anything to quit your day job over.

My recommendationgreen thumbs up

Like I said earlier in this Affiliate Titan review, you can make money with affiliate marketing. I do every day. Its my full time job.

I got my training from Wealthy Affiliate. Its a online training/community where you will learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

My goal when starting out with Wealthy Affiliate was to make enough money with affiliate marketing so that I would be able to quit my full-time job that I hated.

I also wanted to be my own boss so that I would be able to enjoy life by doing the things that I love, like:

  • spending time with my children
  • traveling whenever I wanted to
  • work from home
  • have financial freedom

Through the success that I achieved with Wealthy Affiliate, I can happily say that I have achieved these goals. I now enjoy helping others find success with their online business endeavors.

If you want to get started with a FREE Wealthy Affiliate account today, head HERE.

For more info on the program, check out my full review of it HERE, or check out my Wealthy Affiliate Q&A post HERE.

Thanks for stoping by to check out my Affiliate Titan review. If you have any thoughts or questions on this program, please drop me a line down below.




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