Applied Cash Flow Review – What a Load of BS

Applied Cash Flow review
Program: Applied Cash Flow
Owner: Brian Hazel
Cost: $97
Recommended: No 

If you took the 4+ minutes to watch that video, I’m sure your wondering what the hell he was talking about. Well don’t ask me, because I don’t know either.

But apparently the little dry erase drawing he did in his parents basement is supposed to tell us everything we need to know about Applied Cash Flow. In a way, it did tell me everything I needed to know. Don’t buy the program.

What is Applied Cash flow all about?

Well it can’t be accurately deduced what Applied Cash Flow is about, because the videos and information that they are presenting are very vague and uninformative.

I mean, wouldn’t you like a little information about what it is you will be selling? I know I would.

So I went through the setup process hoping to unearth a bit more information about the program.

I clicked the ‘gain access to applied cash flow button’ and was directed to a page where I was asked for my name and email address.

applied cash flow email screen


I gave a junk email address of mine  that I keep for situations such as this, and was directed to a final page where I was asked for my payment of $97 and some very personal information.

applied cash flow sign up form

Why do they need my phone number and home address? Simply put, they don’t! Unless they are intending to use that information for some scheme of theirs. Either way I wasn’t giving them that info. What would they ask for next. my social security number?

Their claims

Applied Cash Flow makes a few claims on their website that I decided to investigate further. First off I noticed that they said the program has been working since 2010. Upon further investigation I discovered that their domain name wasn’t registered until 2016.

Fiverr Actors 

I can spot a paid actor when I see one. Sure enough most of their ‘top affiliates’ are offering their services over on to perform video testimonials for as little as $5. I guess its possible most of Applied Cash Flow’s top affiliates perform side work on Fiverr (roll eyes emoji) But with the income claims that they are making in their testimonial videos, I hardly think they would need to.

What is really going on?

Its not really hard to see what you will be selling with Applied Cash Flow’s system. Lets break down what we know:

  • The program costs $97
  • They repeatedly claim that you will earn profits of $97 multiple times daily selling the mystery product.

Its safe to say that you will be selling the exact same product that you just bought.

Is Applied Cash Flow a scam?

I can’t say for certain that it is a total scam, but based on the dishonest information on their website and the hired actors’ fake testimonials I can say for certain the earning potential is, at the very least, grossly exaggerated.

Can you make money with Applied Cash Flow?

Honestly, if you decided to ignore all of the false information and sketchy sign up pages, and bought the program, you MIGHT be able to generate a sale. I would be very doubtful of that though. Another thing that sucks is that they are pretty adamant about not giving refunds based on their fine print.

applied cash flow refund fine print

Well I can say for certain I would be unsure if I wanted to join, so I would take the fine prints advice and walk away.

My recommended alternative

Sorry about Applied Cash Flow’s shady business practices. If your looking to make money online, check out my #1 Recommended  program for doing it. Don’t worry, no Fiverr actors here. PLUS, its FREE.




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