Ewen Chia Autopilot Profits Review – I Just Threw Up A Little Bit

autopilot profits review

Its rare for me to come across a scam program that is so bad, that I don’t know whether to laugh or vomit. Ewan Chia’s Autopilot Profits managed to take me there.

Part of me wants to laugh because the program is just so bad.

The other part of me wants to vomit, because I know there are plenty of people paying money for the Autopilot Profits scam.

I just want to say good job to you for taking the time to check out a review of the program before spending money on it. Internet high five ✋?

So lets take a quick look at Ewen Chia and his Autopilot Profits program

Who is Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia is a longtime internet marketer, author, and public speaker. He has made a lot of money online, and has created quite a few making money programs that are meant to help others earn money online as well.

He has received a lot of recognition in the past for his achievements in internet marketing. He was even photographed with Donald Trump at one point.

who is ewen chia

What is Autopilot Profits?

Autopilot profits is another one of his making money programs.

What you will get is a PDF guide that outlines his strategies to make you money on autopilot.

Inside the PDF is 20 videos of varying length, secret coaching, his 3 step system, and some other crap not worth mentioning.

You will need to create a website, which Ewen teaches you how to do.

It costs $37.

There is a few upsells, but if you for some reason decide to try the program, I encourage you not to waste (any more) of your money on the upsells.

Ewen also advertises some of his other programs from within the Autopilot Profits program.

Super Affiliate Millionaire & Copy Paste Income. Both of these programs are known scams. Ewen Chia is just trying to suck as much money out of people as he possibly can.

Why the Autopilot Profits system sucks so hard

If you don’t already know, Ewen Chia is pretty well known for releasing lots of very crappy, scammy making money programs that do not really work. They all seem to make the same promises: Get rich quick with little to no effort involved.

Autopilot Profits is the same as the rest in that regard.

What you actually get with the Autopilot Profits system is a lot of outdated information. Nothing is explained with much detail, so if your a new to internet marketing, you’re going to have a lot of questions that won’t get answered.

I expect most people who are interested in the system will be brand new to internet marketing, so that is a huge negative.

Also with most programs like this, the training sets you up to just promote the program itself, or one of the other Ewen Chia programs. So basically you will be trying to sell what you just bought.

The potential for that is not very good considering how bad the reviews are for all of his programs.

No future with this system

Another thing I hate about this system is that it sets you up for no long term success. If you build a online business, don’t you want it to be profitable not just today and tomorrow, but also in 15 years from now?

I don’t know how much you know about internet marketing, but some of the techniques (black hat seo) that Ewen Chia condones in his system do not sit well with Google and other search engines.

Meaning if you are caught using these techniques, your website will be penalized and possibly removed from the search engines. Which is essentially a death blow to any online business.

For long term success, I always recommend this program

Outright lies and bad advice

Ewen makes some ridiculous claims on his sales page, but is singing a distinctly different tune once you purchase the product.

If you have seen the sales pitch, I am sure you clearly recall it saying that you can make money while doing little to no work.

After all, the program is called Autopilot Profits right?

Once inside, he tells us that it’s not possible to create a website and wait for profits to roll in. Uh, what? That was basically the whole gimmick to begin with.

So much of the techniques that he teaches to generate traffic to your website are very outdated. Not just outdated, but they can actually hurt your website because the search engines don’t like them.

The fact that Ewen suggests these techniques just shows how out of touch he is with current methods that actually work.

I think he has been out of the internet marketing game for so long now that he has no idea of how much it has evolved. He just makes his money selling his scam programs now.

My opinion

Don’t waste your time on this system. I hate to see newcomers to internet marketing get started on the wrong foot by buying a scam program.

If I can help you avoid getting ripped off I will.

Check this out instead

One of the most difficult things to do when it comes to making money online is finding a program that isn’t a scam.

One of the main reasons why I enjoy having this site, is because I can direct people to a program that I know isn’t a scam. I know its not a scam, because its the program I used to build my online business.

My recommendation? Check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a online training center/community that teaches people how to build a profitable online business. It’s where I got started.

WA taught me how to build a website, and make money with it. The community of members is currently over 850,000 (myself included) and all of them are there for 1 common goal. To make money online.

The training is awesome, and having a community of like minded people to ask questions and get help from is a huge advantage when it comes to building your online business.

Creating a membership is actually completely free. No personal info needed either.

Do you really want to have a online business that is your sole source of income? And never have to work for someone else again?

Since there is nothing to lose by creating a free membership, I challenge you to take a step in the right direction, and make a free Wealthy Affiliate account HERE.

If you follow that link above, I will be notified of your new membership and you can expect a hello from me once you are inside.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Autopilot Profits review. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below ↓





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