Facebook Cash Code Review – Does It Work?

facebook cash code review

$397 per day?

How do they come up with that exact number? 397. Couldn’t they just say $400 per day?

Maybe they think an exact number like 400 would make the program seem less believable.

Either way, the program has plenty of other red flags that cause me to question it.

Lets take a look.

First off, what is Facebook Cash Code?Whats the deal text image

Just to get this out of the way now, Facebook Cash Code is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.


Little info is given about Facebook Cash Code, and what you will be doing to earn the promised $397 per day. What they don’t tell you is that you will be posting links.

Also commonly known as a “link posting scam.”

The idea is to copy links and paste them all throughout the internet. The goal of course is to get people to click on these links and purchase the product that is being offered. Earning you commission.

Unfortunately these scams have been around forever and they never work.

Here is the Facebook Cash Code video:

Facebook Cash Code scam 

There is plenty of questionable tactics employed by this system. Here is a few:

Fake news

Did you notice the news stations at the beginning of the video?

facebook cash code scams

They weren’t talking about Facebook Cash Code. Most people think they are, but that is all part of the deception.

If you were on the Facebook Cash Code website, you probably noticed this image:

facebook cash code scam

When most people see this image, they think that the Facebook Cash Code program is credible if it is affiliated with those respected companies.

Well, that is the reason why they put it on their website. To gain trust.

The problem is, they are not affiliated with those programs at all.

Fake check

Did you see the image of the paycheck?


The check is dated 2012. And the bank routing number 049169, which is not a real bank.

As it turns out, Facebook Cash Code has been around for a while, but branded under a different name. Explosive Payday.

Explosive Payday gets pretty terrible reviews, and is considered a scam. I doubt Facebook Cash Code will prove any better.

Is Facebook Cash Code a scam?

I believe Facebook Cash Code is a scam. I definitely don’t think you can make money with this program.

Try this instead

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