Facebook On Fire Review – Make Over $3000 Per Day??

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If you are checking out this review, you probably have heard about Facebook On Fire. And like many other people, you are curious if you really can make money with this program.

After all, if their claims are to be believed, wouldn’t it be great to make over $3,000 per day using their system?

Unfortunately I have seen many making money programs that make similar claims and guess what? They typically do not live up to their own hype.

So when I came across Facebook On Fire, I wanted to delve into the program and find out if this one might be different than the rest.

So is Facebook On Fire a legit way to make money online….?

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From what I researched about Facebook On Fire, I have come to the conclusion that this program is more hype than a legitimate way to make money online.

Read on for a closer look at Facebook On Fire

What Is Facebook On Fire About?

We actually are not given a ton of information as to what exactly the program is all about, so if you plan on spending the $47 program cost, you will be doing so with quite a bit of a leap of faith.

The information we are given is that you will be able to make up to $3,000 per day by using Facebook for posting, liking, and sharing.

If you are an avid Facebook user like me, this clearly sounds like a dream come true.

Let me save you the suspense. It’s not!

Making Money Online Is Possible. Check out this program instead.

What about the user testimonies?

User testimonials can be a powerful thing. If you see and hear people who claim to have used a program to make money online, it can really be a convincing and motivating factor for you to give it a try yourself.

Unfortunately in this case, the testimonies are completely FAKE!

The people giving the testimonies are hired actors.

That’s right. The creators of Facebook On Fire Hired people to lie and say positive things about the program with the intention of tricking people like you into buying it.

Take a look at these hired actors. You can hire actors like these from websites like Fiverr for as little as $5.

facebook on fire fake testimonies

If their program actually did work, I would imagine they wouldn’t need to hire paid actors to say that it did. There would be people lining up to say a positive thing or two if Facebook On Fire was making them $3000 per day. I know I would.

What exactly are you buying?

They never clearly tell you exactly what you will be buying with your $47.

If I am spending money on a program, I want to know exactly what I am getting and how the program works.

We aren’t told any of that.

All we are told is that we have the potential to make a ton of money by simply using Facebook. Sorry but that is not enough information for me.

Is Facebook On Fire a scam?

Yes, I am confident that Facebook On Fire is nothing more than a way to rip people off and make the creators of the program rich in the process. I encourage you not to get involved with this making money scam because you will never see that $47 again.

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Most people think that all making money online programs are a scam. The sad truth is that most actually are.

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The best part is, you can get started with WA for free. No personal information needed.

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Thanks for stopping by to check out my review of Facebook On Fire. If you have any information or opinions on this program, please leave them in the comments below ↓


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