Is Home Wealth Remedy A Scam? Common Questions Answered

Home Wealth Remedy
Owner: Bree Johnson
Price: $97.95
Rating: 0/100

So whats the deal with Home Wealth Remedy?

I decided to take a look at Home Wealth Remedy and see if it could live up to some of its impressive claims. When I navigated to their homepage, I was welcomed by a page that looked remarkably similar to the business page. This is a common tactic performed by online programs that are hoping to gain visitors trust by presenting them with a familiar trusted page design. I’m familiar with this tactic, so it actually had the opposite effect on me.

home wealth video scam news video

Another thing I noticed was the news video that appeared to add credibility to Home Wealth Remedy as a legitimate way of making money. Problem is, this news video is used by many scam programs as a way of deceiving visitors. If you pay attention to the video, you will notice it never actually mentions the Home Wealth Remedy program by name. Its just a video that was pulled off of youtube that mentions working from home.

They also use another deceptive tactic by placing this banner across the top of their page:

home wealth remedy scam banner

I mean, if I didn’t know any better I would say that the program has some legitimacy to it if its affiliated to all the top news stations. Problem is, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will notice this:



Meaning, there is no actual affiliation with any of the represented news stations. The disclaimer exists to help them avoid a lawsuit.

The more I looked into the program, the more I realized that it is very similar to many other link posting scam programs that I have seen. Before I learned how to create my own online business I used to look into a ton of these types of programs, trying to make some extra income online. Its funny how the sales pitch and websites are almost exactly the same. Only minor details change.

So, Is Home Wealth Remedy a Scam?

If you had high hopes for Home Wealth Remedy, I’m sorry to disappoint, but I can say with certainty Home Wealth Remedy is a scam, and it will not deliver on its claims.

Scams like this do a pretty good job at pushing peoples emotional buttons. They make fantastic claims, that make people want to believe that they are true. The problem is, there isn’t a get rich quick scheme out there that actually works.

Alas, there is hope!

I know why you are here. You want to make money! Not just make money, but make money online. Well guess what? I was in your exact same position before. Thats why I want to give you my #1 Recommendation for making money online. Its not a scam, or a get rich quick scheme. Its a training program that shows you how to make real money online. The best part is, its FREE.


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