Is Survey Money Machines A Scam? Survey Money Machines Review

Survey Money Machines Review
Product: Survey Money Machines
Owner: Hailey Gates
Price: Free
Rating: 30/100

Today it’s pretty obvious that when you head to Google and search for “quick ways to make money online” you’re going to come across online survey sites. Well, for starters, I’m not a big fan of survey sites mainly because they limit your earning potential and take much of your precious time.

In this post, we’re going to check out yet another company claiming you can make ridiculous money taking surveys online. Well, if you’ve done your homework on online survey sites, you’ll know that these sort of claims are fluffier than the Easter Bunny’s tail. This only means they’re completely false! I don’t really know about you but taking online surveys for cash sucks and if you’re looking for honest info as to whether not you can earn money with SMM, then feel free to read my Survey Money Machines review!

What Is Survey Money Machines?

For starters, is not a market research company. It just another website that claims to help you make tons of cash taking surveys. It was created by a blonde lady known as Hailey Gates. She claims to have compiled a list of high paying, legitimate survey companies which she allows you to access for free once you sign up with her website.

Who is Hailey Gates?

Hailey is an allegedly stay at home mom who claims to have made a boat load of money just by taking surveys in her spare time. So, she decided to create her own website to help others do the same.

Does It Work? Or Is Survey Money Machines a scam?

Well, I can’t just call it a scam since she’s not demanding money from you, but I find the website to be a complete waste of time. Well, that’s just my opinion. Okay, let’s move on. Now when you visit her website, you’re asked to create an account to start your survey journey. The thing is that you aren’t taking surveys on this site. The site is actually a middleman that claims to link you up with over 200 market research companies where you’ll sign up for to take paid surveys.

Hailey Gates claim you can stack up hundreds of dollars and Survey Money Machines says it’ll let you in on the big secret on how to get paid up to $75 taking phone surveys and $100 an hour when you participate in focus groups. Well, that’s just hilarious. Read to see how it actually works!

The main reason the company offers a free sign-up is because it only refers you to their survey sites affiliate links. When you join, you’ll find that this program contains only links to other survey sites that you still have to sign up for to participate in the so-called surveys.

So the more sites you sign up for, the more richer Hailey Gates becomes, and the worst part is that you might not even get a dollar after everything. The primary purpose of this site is to attract people looking for an extra source of income and have them sign up for free, so the owner who is affiliated with the said companies can make the most money.

What Are The Issues With Survey Money Machines

After digging deeper and going beyond the surface, I’ve finally rounded up the major complaints against SMM. Let’s check them out!

1. Spam Spam and More Spam

One of the biggest issue with Survey Money Machines is that signing up only means selling your email address’s soul! So, if you hate logging into your email only to find it full of spam and junk, then I suggest you stay away from this survey site. It’s pretty obvious that some of these emails may be survey invitations, but a significant number are just advertisements which come with joining the other survey sites.

2. The Money is Not Worth It!

Yes, the next complaint is about the money. Now the thing is you’ll get paid BUT it will not be as much as you were expecting and it will not reach you as promised. In essence, you’ll be getting pennies after waiting for long days, weeks or months. You should know that all these sites have a minimum that you must reach before requesting a payout. The bad news is that it’s going to take forever to reach that amount and may likely take ages before you can receive your hard earned money.

3. Spend Money For Surveys

While most of the survey companies listed by Survey Money Machines are free, there are still some websites you’ll come across that require a credit card. If they don’t demand your credit card information then a lot of claims you can earn more by completing offers. Now the thing is that most of the offers aren’t free. In essence, you have to buy something before getting paid. You’re actually there to earn money not spend the little you’ve got right?

4. Survey are Time-Consuming

Another issue is that it a whole lot of time to complete the surveys. You might end up spending hours doing surveys only to be paid less than minimum wage. This is just ridiculous especially if you’re looking to make something reasonable as promised by Hailey. Moreover, you only get very few links for taking surveys on w daily basis!

Final Verdict

Well, you guessed it right, my opinion for this site is that it isn’t worth even a second of your time. I mean, you’ll be spending hours signing up and taking surveys only time receive peanuts which may not even come if you haven’t completed enough surveys to meet the threshold. To make matters worse, Survey Money Machines is full of lies and outlandish claims of making hundreds of dollars daily just by taking surveys. You and I know that this isn’t true!

Honestly I wasted a lot of my time on survey sites before I learned how to create my online business. Not all survey sites are scams, but the earning potential is very low in regards to the amount of time you must invest in taking the surveys.

I know why you are here!

You are interested in making money online. I was in your shoes before. For anyone looking to make money, I suggest you take a look at my #1 Recommended program for making money online. Its FREE!


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