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Company: Cerule

Price: $69

Recommended? No

For starters, can you make money with Cerule?

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Sure you can. You can make money with most companies if you put the time and effort in.

Does that mean Cerule is the best option out there for making money, or the right option for you?

Well in my opinion, no.

Your time is valuable. Nobody wants to place unnecessary time and effort into something that isn’t going to yield the best results.

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Making money is a great example of this.

Do you want to place your time and effort into a business that is going to produce big results or little results.

You don’t really need to answer that ?

Clearly the choice is simple. You want the best results per your time and effort.

Honestly that is why I don’t recommend Cerule as the best option for you (or anyone) when it comes to getting the most out of running your own business.

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The earning potential with Cerule is limited

One of my biggest issues with Cerule is the limited amount of products there are to offer.

Just 3.

Did you know that I promote thousands of products with my online affiliate marketing business? Did you know that you can do the same thing?

With so many options available, it seems silly to invest your time, money, and effort into Cerule when you can broaden your target market exponentially by promoting whatever you want.

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What will you be selling with Cerule?

Cerule is in the health and wellness niche. Their products are intended to improve the health and wellness of your target market.

The health and wellness niche is extremely popular and has a ton of potential for generating lots of profit if you decide you want to get into this market.

That being said, don’t limit yourself to the small product line that Cerule offers.

So, what products does Cerule Offer?

The 3 products that you will be promoting as a Cerule associate are:

  • PlasmaFlo
  • StemEnhance Ultra
  • Cyactiv

If you are already familiar with their product line feel free to skip past this breakdown;


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Coming in at $79 PlasmaFlo isn’t exactly a cheap supplement.

PlasmaFlo is generally marketed towards individuals who are at risk for heart disease.

According to Cerule, PlasmaFlo helps improve:

  • Capillary health
  • Increase blood flow
  • and reduces inflammation

As to the efficacy of this supplement, the jury is out. Cerule doesn’t cite any clinical studies so it’s difficult to ascertain whether the PlasmaFlo claims are warranted.

You be the judge I guess.

StemEnhance Ultra

Looking to increase your stem cells?! Who isn’t ?

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At $79 StemEnhance Ultra claims to boost stem cells through the use of microalgae. And to think, all this time I’ve been licking the inside of my home aquarium to meet my algae intake needs.

The fact is, there isn’t any solid evidence that you can even boost stem cell production through the use of supplements such as StemEnhance.


spirulina etract

Like the prior 2, Cyactiv costs $79. The claimed benefits of Cyactiv are reduced inflammation throughout the body.

This is accomplished through the use of spirulina extract.

There are certainly many health benefits associated with reducing inflammation and spirulina extract has been considered an effective natural way to accomplish this.

The thing that would concern me is that there are much cheaper ways to get spirulina extract into your diet.

A quick Amazon search yields dozens of spirulina supplements for as little as $10  ↓↓

 cheap spirulina extract

Prices like this would make it tough for an associate of Cerule to justify the $79 price tag.


Cerule products review – my opinion

In my opinion, the products offered by Cerule are a bit overpriced considering you can find many similar products for much cheaper elsewhere online.

That’s not to say that the products offered by Cerule aren’t any good, or that other products are any better. I’m just saying that Cerule’s products aren’t exactly groundbreaking and they certainly aren’t cheap. Relatively speaking.

Interested in building a business around health and wellness?

The health and wellness market is booming and showing no signs of slowing down. Did you know that people just like you are making a profit online by promoting products in the health and wellness market.

That’s one of the downsides of selling for Cerule. You are often times limited by your social network. With a online business your target audience expands exponentially. So instead of selling only to your friends, family, and colleagues you have the opportunity to reach people from all over the world.

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Is Cerule a good business opportunity?

As an affiliate of Cerule  you get paid to sponsor new affiliates and to maintain affiliates in your downline.

Oddly enough, Cerule makes NO MENTION of retail commissions in their compensation plan. I find this very odd and a bit troubling for anyone seriously interested in selling for Cerule.

Cerule Affiliate Ranks

There are 9 ranks in the companies compensation plan. The higher the rank, the more income potential you have.

According to Cerule:

  • IBO – Generate 50 personal volume & 50 group volume per month
  • 1K – Generate 100 personal volume & 1000 group volume per month
  • 3K – Generate 200 personal volume (100 if autoship) & 3000 group volume per month
  • 7.5K – Generate 300 personal volume (150 if autoship) & 7500 group volume per month (no more than 4500 group volume from any 1 unilevel leg)
  • 15K – Generate 400 personal volume (200 if autoship) & 15,000 group volume per month (no more than 9000 group volume from any 1 unilevel leg)
  • 25K – Generate 500 personal volume (200 if autoship) & 25,000 group volume per month (no more than 15,000 group volume from any 1 unilevel leg)
  • 50K – Maintain 500 personal volume (200 if autoship) & 50,000 group volume per month (no more than 25,000 group volume from any 1 unilevel leg)
  • 100K – Maintain 500 personal volume (200 if autoship) & 100,000 group volume per month (no more than 50,000 group volume from any 1 unilevel leg)
  • President – Maintain 500 personal volume (200 if autoship) & 200,000 group volume per month (no more than 100,000 group volume from any 1 unilevel leg)
  • Chairman – Maintain 500 personal volume (200 if autoship) & 500,000 group volume per month (no more than 250,000 group volume from any 1 unilevel leg)

Personal Volume = The total number of retail sales plus your personal product orders.

Group Volume = The total retail sales accumulated by you and your downline.

I may not be crazy about becoming an affiliate of Cerule, but income potential does exist. As already stated, Cerule makes no mention of sales commissions, so we can only assume that they do not exist.

Instead you can expect to make all of your money through recruiting new members. When one of your new recruits purchases one of the kits (below) you earn commission.



Cerule kits

 Each kit earns you varying amounts of commission:
Starter kit – $10 commission
Fast Start Pack – $100
Fast Start Ultra Pack – $300
Naturally the kits that cost more earn you more commission. The cost of each kit is as follows:
  • Starter kit – $69 (1 bottle of product)
  • Fast Start Pack – $269 (6 bottles)
  • Fast Start Ultra Pack – $1,000 (20 bottles)
  • Fast Start Mega Pack – $3,000 (65 bottles)
If you can manage to get your recruits to buy into the Fast Start Ultra pack ($1,000) or the Fast Start Mega Pack  you can see that the income potential is pretty high.
Good luck with that though. $1,000 (Fast Start Ultra) is a lot of money for a recruit to invest in a new business venture let alone $3,000 (Fast Start Mega)
Aside from commissions from new recruits, you also have the opportunity to earn through your downline. This is the same with all multi-level marketing programs.
For example if one of your recruits were to sell the Fast Start Ultra Pack to one of their new recruits, you would earn $150 simply because it is in your downline. Not bad. Especially since you didn’t really have to do anything.

Commissions from recruits is limited to 7 generations. Check out the chart below:

Cerule commission plan


As you can see, level 1 refers to the people that you recruit directly.

Level 2 refers to people recruited by your level 1 team and so on.

If you have a large network of people and manage to recruit enough people, you can see how the income potential can be very high.

How much does it cost to join Cerule?

As I mentioned earlier, to become an affiliate of Cerule, you must purchase one of the packs:

  • Starter kit – $69 (1 bottle of product)
  • Fast Start Pack – $269 (6 bottles)
  • Fast Start Ultra Pack – $1,000 (20 bottles)
  • Fast Start Mega Pack – $3,000 (65 bottles)

Is Cerule a long-term business?

When I got started with my online business, the goal was to build a business with long-term sustainability. I didn’t want to build a business that was profitable today, but fails in 5 years.

When it comes to Cerule and all multi-level marketing programs it really comes down to your ability to recruit.

You actually might have some initial success with Cerule because your friends, and family will want to make a purchase to show their support. This obviously will not last, and it will be up to you to convince new people to invest into the program.

Is Cerule a scam?

No, I don’t think that Cerule is a scam at all. People really do make money selling for Cerule. I just think that there are better home based business opportunities out there.


My Personal Opinion

Making money with Cerule is possible. But like I said there are much better programs out there that can help you build your own home based business.

If Cerule doesn’t sound like the right program for you, check out my #1 Recommendation for building your own business.

I was a total newbie when I got started with my online business, but this program helped me generate a full-time income from home.


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