What is Affiliate Marketing

woman with question marks above her head

question markSo your curious about affiliate marketing. You want to know, ‘what exactly is affiliate marketing?’

I can answer that question.

Not only am I an affiliate marketer, but my sole source of income is derived from affiliate marketing.

I spent most of my adult life working a full time job.

You know what sucks most about having a full time job that you have to go to everyday?

Going there everyday!

How many of your passions or hobbies have you had to sacrifice to fulfill your work duties? If your anything like me, far too many.

I got into affiliate marketing to free myself from the shackles of the work industry.

So, what is affiliate marketing all about?

Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products or services, and earn a commission if a sale is made through your marketing efforts. Pretty simple concept right?

How do you get started with affiliate marketing?

After you decide which product you want to promote, you create and build a website around that product.

How do I choose a product to promote?

woman question markChoosing a product to promote can be a pretty simple process. Lots of affiliate marketers choose to promote products that they are familiar with and passionate about. If you love scuba diving for example. You can create a website about the best scuba diving goggles. Your website can have reviews, recommendations, pictures, all revolving around the product you are promoting, the scuba diving goggles.

Don’t have any interests? You can promote anything that you are able to write about and build a website around. I promoted mattresses with my first affiliate website! Come on, everybody needs a mattress.

Who do I promote these products for?

There are lots of companies that offer ‘affiliate programs’. The easiest one in my opinion to get started with is amazon.com. Simply create a amazon affiliate account (its free) and you can begin promoting any product you want from the Amazon website. If your website refers someone to amazon.com and they make a purchase, you earn commission for the sale.

There are countless other affiliate programs you can promote products for:

How much money can I make as a affiliate marketer?

I’m not going to say you can become a millionaire with affiliate marketing, but the fact is the sky’s the limit.money

In the world of affiliate marketing, hard work pays off. Remember my first affiliate website I told you about earlier? The mattress one? It earns me over $3000/monthly (and growing). Thats just one of my websites.

I’m not here to boast or impress anyone, I’m trying to teach you the earning potential these affiliate websites can have.

Can I help you become an affiliate marketer?

I’ll do you one better, not only can I help you, but there is an entire community of affiliate marketers that can help you. When I started researching ways to make money online, I had the same question, what is affiliate marketing about? Lucky for me I came across wealthyaffiliate.com. Its a online community that teaches, and trains people how to become successful affiliate marketers. I owe a ton of my success to Wealthy Affiliate. Its a community I am still a part of, and one that I believe in. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

You can find me inside Wealthy Affiliate daily. If making money through affiliate marketing is something your interested in, I hope to see you there.

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