Profit Countdown Review – Is Profit Countdown A Scam?

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Profit Countdown Review

Program: Profit Countdown
Owner: Jeff Lerner
Cost: $49+
Recommended: Nope

Would you like to make over $1,000 per day online?

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Yeah, me too.

Apparently we are supposed to believe that this can be accomplished with Profit Countdown.

Clearly you are as skeptical about this program as I was, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this review.

Lucky for you I did all the grunt work and researched the hell out of this program to bring you this full review.

First off I want to make 1 thing clear. I didn’t purchase the Profit Countdown program.


Because I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ve been reviewing 100’s of programs like Profit Countdown for years now and I can spot a scam when I see one.

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s take a look at some of the alarming details I uncovered about this program, shall we?

Profit Countdown scam

The most glaring red flag I found out about Profit Countdown is that it doesn’t actually exist.

Yep, that’s right. They wan’t you to pay $49 for a program that isn’t real.

Pretty sweet deal right? ?

Before I delve into the fact the program isn’t even real, let’s take a look at the program itself.

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At face value, the Profit Countdown program sounds pretty good. They offer you the opportunity to make a bunch of money online all while doing most of the work for you.

This type of program really appeals to people who are just getting started with making money online and don’t have a ton of experience.

The problem of course is that these types of programs NEVER WORK.

The only people who will be making money with Profit Countdown are the ones selling it.

I hate the fact that so many people get scammed by programs like this, and give up on the idea of making money online.


If you are serious about making money online and are willing to put real time and effort in, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great program for beginners and it’s simple and free to get started.

Profit Countdown Owner

Lets take a look at the owner of Profit Countdown, Jeff Lerner.

Jeff claims that you can make massive amounts of money on complete autopilot with his system. Unfortunately Jeff doesn’t reveal a whole lot more about his program.

You can clearly see that the idea is for you to purchase the program without putting much thought into your decision.

All those countdown timers you may have noticed on the website are completely fake and are just placed there as a pressure tactic to get you to spend money.

Jeff actually has a few other programs that he has developed over the years

I have actually done reviews of these programs in the past, and I recall there being a ton of unhappy customers who purchased these programs. I personally see Profit Countdown as being no different.

The non-existent program

As I mentioned earlier, the Profit Countdown program doesn’t exactly exist. “Profit Countdown” is actually just the name of the website.

When you actually go through the checkout process for purchasing the program, you will see the name of the program that you are actually buying:

Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System. This “system” offers training for a completely separate program called Digital Altitude.

The goal for Jeff is to funnel you towards Digital Altitude, a program that he is promoting.

If you do decide to sign up for Digital Altitude, this will run you an extra $37 per month membership fee.

Digital Altitude

As a promoter of Digital Altitude, Jeff naturally earns commission for ever person he gets to sign up for a membership.

Digital Altitude offers a few levels of membership at different price points:


  • $1 – 14-day trial
  • Aspire – $37 per month
  • Hiker – $67 per month.
  • Hiker + Climber – $127 per month.
  • Base – $397 one-time fee
  • Rise – $1497 one-time fee
  • Ascend – $6,997 one-time fee
  • Peak – $11,997 one-time fee
  • Apex – $19,997 one-time fee

As you can see, some of the membership levels are extremely expensive.

But if you do decide to become a member, your goal is to get others to join through you. This does have some very high commission potential if you can manage to get others to sign up.

I personally don’t recommend getting involved in any of this nonsense. In my opinion, Jeff’s real goal is to just earn a commission off of you.

Is Profit Countdown a scam? 

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that Profit Countdown is a scam designed to earn Jeff Lerner money and not offer you much in return.

The fact is I come across scams like this every single day. I have come to the conclusion that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

To be successful making money online, you do need to put real effort into your online business. There are plenty of programs out there that claim to make you $1000’s on autopilot, like Profit Countdown, but it is all bullshit.

If you want to get started with a legit beginner friendly program, check out my #1 recommended program.

It’s a program that I recommend with confidence because it’s how I got started with making money online.

Thanks for checking out my review of Profit Countdown. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below ↓


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