Cash In On That Passion Scam Review – Spoiler Alert: It Sucks!

Program: Cash In On That Passion
Owner: Richard Paul
Price: $47
Recommended? Heck NO!

Good old Richard Paul, back at it again.

If you’ve been researching Cash In On That Passion, you already know who Richard Paul is.

This Guy → picture of Richard Paul

Richard Paul is the spokesperson and creator of Cash In On That Passion. Although I highly doubt Richard Paul is his real name.

I myself am quite familiar with this character Richard Paul, because I have researched and done reviews on a few of his making money programs in the past, like Countdown To Profits.

Not surprisingly, those programs do not receive favorable reviews. To put it lightly, they are known scams.

With that being said, for the sake of posterity I decided to look into Cash In On That Passion and see if our old buddy Richard Paul turned over a new leaf and created a legit program that can really help people like you and me make some money.

Spoiler Alert: He Didn’t.

Not surprisingly, his most recent making money program doesn’t quite live up to the high expectations that he would have you believe.

Heard enough? Check out this program instead. Bonus: It Doesn’t suck ??

So without further ado, let’s take a look at Cash In On That Passion and why I don’t recommend you waste your money on it.

Cash In On That Passion Review

The sales video for Cash In On That Passion starts like the other Richard Paul programs, and like most other scam programs that I have reviewed in the past.

The video promises you wealth, and it promises you money just for watching the video.

Naturally I can see right through these scam tactics, but for some people, especially people who are really desperate to start making money from home, these tactics really do work in scamming people out of money.

The rest of the video is filled with a bunch more promises and even some rave reviews (fake reviews) by hired actors.

Amazingly though, by the end of the video we are still left in the dark as to how the system works and how we are supposed to profit from it. Curious.


The $500 Guarantee

But what about the $500 guarantee that was mentioned in the video?

If I don’t make a profit within 30 days, I get $500, right?

Unfortunately the $500 guarantee isn’t quite as easy to obtain as the video would have you believe shockingly ?.

There is actually 21 steps that you must complete in order to qualify for the $500.

Here is a screenshot from the Cash In On That Passion website of the steps needed to take in order to get your $500:


Cash in on that passion $500 guarantee

As you can see from the fine print, you must:

  • Complete the 21 steps in 21 days
  • Requires full participation including making additional purchases which can end up costing you $1,000’s
  • Follow up with your “mentor/coach” so they can have the opportunity to try and sell you more crap.
  • Then and only then, after wasting a bunch more money on the program, if you aren’t completely satisfied with everything, they will give you a small portion of the money that you spent back. As long as you show them proof that you complied with all the criteria above of course.

Richard Paul

As mentioned earlier, Richard Paul has created a bunch of other programs in the past that simply do not deliver. If you take a look at a few of my other reviews of his products, you will no doubt see a bunch of similarities.

countdown to profits scam




 So, does Cash In On That Passion Work?

I believe that it is abundantly clear that this program doesn’t live up to its own hype. We can see from the “creators” past programs, that he doesn’t exactly have a positive, proven track record for delivering quality products.

Is Cash In On That Passion a scam?

I believe that this program is a scam designed to make the creator a profit, and offer the consumer little in return.

Highly NOT recommended.

 Give this a try instead

Check out the program that is my #1 Recommendation for starting a profitable online business. It’s the same program that I got started with when I was a complete newbie to making money online. It helped me build my own full-time online business so I recommend it with confidence.

Thanks for checking out my Cash In On That Passion review. If you have any questions or personal experience with this program, feel free to leave a comment below.


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