Click Intensity Scam Review – POW! Right In The Kisser

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Click Intensity scam review
Program: Click Intensity 
Owner(s): Tara Mish & Nick Johnson
Recommended: No, its a SCAM 

Click Intensity! 

⚡️Get intense with Click Intensity!!⚡️click intensity is intense

Launch of the century?


Social media is buzzing about Click Intensity?

Not quite.

Friends and colleagues can’t stop talking about it?

You know it! Just kidding. I haven’t heard a peep about it.

Yet, these are just some of the projected claims that the Click Intensity promo video makes. The idea behind these projected claims is to generate hype and interest in the program. Potentially increasing sign ups.

What is Click Intensity?

Click Intensity is a marketing program that claims you can make money by purchasing ‘Ad Packs’ and completing tasks:

what is click intensity

These ‘Ad Packs’ are $25 each and are supposed to net you profits of up to 120%.

Its not fully clear how you make money with these Ad Packs, and its not mentioned on the website or in the training videos.

One thing that is clear from the training videos is that they don’t know for certain when you will start making money with these Ad Packs.

The sad but true fact is, they don’t know when you will profit from the Ad Packs because the program pays older members from the revenue generated from newer members. There is a name for this type of system and its called a Ponzi scheme.

is click intensity a scam


Stuck in eternal pre-launch

Has anyone else noticed that this program, that was introduced in early 2016, is still claiming to be in pre-launch?

Thats because its all part of the gimmick. They are trying to project the image of exclusivity. They want potential recruits to feel like they are joining a new program that is going to bloom into something massive.

The entire promo video pushes the idea that you should join NOW so that you don’t regret it when all your friends and coworkers are talking about their success with Click Intensity and your stuck feeling like you missed the boat.↓

Click intensity making money

Multiple times throughout the promo video and the training videos we are told that some great new features will be introduced within the coming weeks. Well, this just isn’t true because the program has remained unchanged.

The fact is, what you see with the program is what it is. Its not going to get better. If I had to venture a guess, I would say its going to get worse.

If so successful, why so low budget?

Have you seen any of the training videos? I have, and believe me, they are tough to watch.

The program boasts huge earning potential, but the training videos consist of the ‘Head of Communications’ (Tara Mish) sitting alone in her living room doodling on a dry erase board.

It was cringe inducing watching Tara Mish poorly explain the program, then proceed to slowly write out what she just said on her dry erase board.

I couldn’t help but get the feeling that not even Tara Mish believed what she was saying.

Hearing her child yell in the background was somewhat distracting as well.

As a member of Click Intensity, you are supposed to recruit new members to the program. How do these crappy training videos reflect on the program your endorsing? Not very well in my opinion. It looks like the owners couldn’t afford to spring for a decent training platform.

➡ See what top notch training looks like with this free program

✭Here’s a tip. If the owners of Click Intensity aren’t making much money with their program. How well do you think you will fare?

Click Intensity scam red flags

Purchase Silver Packs Everyday?

Tara tells us that in order to succeed with Click Intensity we should be purchasing a $25 Silver pack every single day until we reach 4,000 Silver packs.

Um, $25 x 4,000 = $100,000!

We are supposed to invest $100,000 into this program?

The best part is that the silver packs can expire. Meaning you will have to continue to purchase silver packs to maintain 4,000 of them at all times. Who knows how much money that will turn out to be. My guess is a lot.

But wait, here is some peace of mind for you:

click intensity free

Apparently investing over $100,000 into Click Intensity involves ZERO RISK.

Phew, that is a relief. Lets take a look at the refund policy:

click intensity refund policy

Oh, so NO REFUNDS. I don’t call that ‘ZERO RISK’.

I might call it ‘IMMENSE RISK’ though.

‘FINANCIAL RUIN’ works too.

10 Tasks Per Day

One of the ‘Core Commitments’ of the program is completing 10 tasks per day.


Take a look at a few of these tasks:

click intensity tasks

The task is to click on these links, and go to the webpage until a 10 second timer counts down to zero.

I was wondering why Tara Mish is so adamant that we do at least 10 of these tasks per day. Then I realized she is getting paid every time someone clicks on those tasks.

Website owners are paying her to generate traffic to their websites. She gets paid per click.

The thing is, those website owners are paying Tara Mish for quality traffic to their websites. The members of Click Intensity do not fall under the heading of quality traffic since they are only visiting the websites because the Click Intensity program requires it. They have no interest in what the websites are offering.

The reason the 10 second countdown timer exists is to make it look like the visitor was a real person.

At the end of the day, Click Intensity is using its members to make money for them, and scam website owners.

Google it?

I thought my ears were deceiving me, but in one of the training videos Tara Mish tells us to Google search the types of advertising used in the program if we don’t know the differences.

Uh, hello?! These training videos are supposed to teach us things like that. The type of advertising the program uses is an integral part of the system. If I don’t know what a banner ad is, then the training should absolutely show me what it is. Not Google.

Is Click Intensity a scam?is click intensity a scam

Yes, it absolutely is a scam. Its a very specific one too.

It very much appears to be a Ponzi scheme. The thing is, you can make money with a Ponzi scheme (illegally) if your an older investor in the scheme. If your a new investor and the scheme falls apart, you will  lose all the investments you made.

There is countless reasons I can think of why you should avoid Click Intensity. Its just not worth the risk, especially when there is actually some legit programs online you can make money with.

Sorry to disappoint, so here is an alternative

Not all making money programs are scams you know. Its no mystery that scams exist, and they do seem to be far more prevalent than legitimate programs.

If you had high hopes for Click Intensity, I’m sorry it turned out to be such a dud.

Check out an alternative program, and my #1 Recommendation for making money online.

If you have a personal experience with the Click Intensity scam, please share in the comments below↓

Thanks for stopping by to read my Click Intensity review. Stay safe online!




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