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Replace Your Job Review
Program: Replace Your Job

When we are struggling for money, it’s easy for emotions to get the best of us.

When we are emotional, we can easily fall victim to online scams that claim you can get rich with their program.

Replace Your Job promises to provide anyone, who signs up, with extra cash.

But the truth is, Replace Your Job, which was formerly known as “Home Internet Careers” is a rip off website known for its link posting scams.

Lets take a closer look at all their tricks in my Replace Your Job scam review.

What is Replace Your Job?what is it all about

Replace Your Job is a new, popular and revolutionary scam program that was designed by Kelly Scott to target and help scam individuals, especially newbies who would like to work from home.

It promises to earn them between $15 – $75 per hour, thereby making them financially independent and successful while working from home on either full time or part time basis.

Nevertheless, its easy to spot some red flags on this Replace Your Job scam if you read through the sales page before buying the product.

I noticed a few red flags right away. A lot of what they were saying on their website in regards to affiliate marketing made no sense.

As it turns out this program only encourages ad spamming, and the sales page never mentions that the actual member page is a different website altogether called Online Software Solutions.

How does Replace Your Job Work?what is replace your job image

Replace Your Job system works by asking you to create and post your own unique ID on the internet at the cost of $97.

These unique IDs are usually spam links that don’t usually make it to where website viewers would even see or click on it before it’s taken down.

This system offers two up-sells to targeted users, the first up-sell costs $67, and it gains you access to:

  • online videos
  • webinars
  • advertising your website to over 100 search engines
  • coaching

While the second up-sell claims to offer you extra training in creating and running your own online business, and it costs $37.

As it turns out, these up-sells are not the only cost. We also noted that after individuals made it past the up-sells, they are contacted with a message addressing the user to contact a member of Kelly’s team for a success consultation.

The cost of this consultation is not a fixed price, but it usually depends on the financial/negotiating ability of the user during the phone session.

What you will find inside

I do not have the exact information on the type of training or tools you will get with the phone consultations, but what I do know is that the website’s training page offers three main steps which include:

  • Promote Offers
  • Drive Traffic
  • eBay Course

When you click on any of these options, you will be directed to multiple training links and videos, some of these videos and tools are linked to other sites, while most of them are downloaded from the Replace Your Job website. However, after going through these videos, which I don’t believe you will be able to sit through to the end, you will discover that you have learned nothing. So basically you will have totally wasted your time.

Is Replace Your Job a scam?

I may be pessimistic about this program, but it’s not without cause. If you carefully observe this program, you will find the following red flags that would make you distrust it from the beginning:

The Owner – Kelly Scott:

If you had done a little search on the above name, you would have found out that the name Kelly Scott is synonymous with notorious scam websites like:

  • Home Online Careers
  • Internet Online Careers
  • Click37

The list of news stations:

list of news stations

I do a lot of reviews on scam programs. This is a telltale sign for me that the program is at the very least being deceptive.

They place an image of trusted news outlets on their website implying that they are affiliated with these well known companies. This leads many people to believe that they are legitimate and can be trusted.

The reality is, they are not affiliated whatsoever with these companies and are using the image to deceive people like you.


They claim that the $97 is a onetime cost, but if you browse through the web pages, you will discover that the program always stresses advanced training with additional costs.

Links to different platforms:

If you are signing up with an online program that redirects you to a different website as its user page, then you should realize something is odd.

No trial account:

Most legit online money making programs offer trial accounts to users before requesting payment from them.

Final Verdict on Replace Your Job

Replace Your Job program is a scam, and should not be considered if you are interested in making money online. If your looking for a legitimate way to make money online, check out my #1 Recommendation. Its FREE!


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