What Is Paypal Money Adder About? Is Paypal Money Adder Another Scam?

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So is PayPal Money Adder a complete rip-off, or could it be a legit way of making money online? ?

In all honesty, I was reluctant to even type my email address when prompted to on the website’s homepage. I didn’t want to be bombarded with spam.

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I stumbled on the PayPal Money Adder while on Youtube exploring something unrelated.

This specific youtube training video was flooded with promises of “free real cash”.

I was skeptical as can be expected.

I’m no fool (clearly you’re not either, that’s why you are here) and have done numerous reviews on this site to know that there surely is no such thing as “free money”, but made a decision to consider it anyway.

And to no real surprise, PayPal Money Adder is not a legit way of making money ?

Here are some clues about what they’re after, however.

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Is PayPal Money Adder a scam?

PayPal Money Adder also goes under the name of PayPal Money Generator.

To my knowledge, they both operate virtually the same, with a few minor differences, but both in my opinion are unsafe.

Paypal Money Generator requires you to download a program. I’ve seen and reviewed something like it before (a total scam by the way) but it was marketed as a bitcoin generator.

PayPal Money Adder didn’t require me to download any software but instead lead me right to a sign up form where I could choose a survey to complete.

The idea is for you to complete the survey, money will be deposited into your Paypal account.

I chose to complete the Amazon survey and to make a long story short, didn’t get very far because they began requesting even more personal information that I wasn’t comfortable providing.

Does Paypal Money Adder work

If I haven’t made it perfectly clear, Paypal Money Adder does NOT work.

But if you are curious as to how they claim their “free money” tool works, check this out:

How the program “works”


  • Enter your PayPal email and wait for verification
  • Choose if you are using mobile or PC
  • Choose your country
  • Input how much money you will like to receive – LOL! ?
  • Complete the verification quiz
  • Click the generate button and wait for the money to be added to your Paypal account

Making money online isn’t this easy. I think that goes without saying. Any program or website that claims that making money online is this easy is a total scam.

The fact is, you will not make money with Paypal Money Adder, but they hope to profit off of you! ?

One of the ways the people behind this scam make money is through their verification quiz. I believe they receive compensation for every survey that they get people to complete.

Aside from the surveys, I think there are some other ways they are profiting of off people by promoting this scam program.


The Paypal Money Adder Scamis click intensity a scam

Even though this program is free to download, you will be paying for your actions in other ways.

The problem with this type of program is that most people will go through the steps of trying to qualify for the free money. During that time you will be providing untold amounts of personal information for money that, lets face it, you will never receive.

Downloading Software from unknown sources

Downloading software isn’t a bad thing. But downloading software from an unknown source who is trying to profit off of you is definitely a huge risk, and one that I certainly don’t recommend. The risk for acquiring a malicious software program like spyware, malware, or a trojan virus is very real.

Personal info

Be cautious about giving your personal information online especially to sites like Paypal Cash Adder!

Belive it or not, there is a market for buying and selling stolen personal information online.

I firmly believe that one of Paypal Cash Adder’s main goals is to lure people into giving out their personal information by making promises of “free money”.

The people behind the program couldn’t care less about the harm they are causing, they are simply trying to make money for themselves by using other people by presenting false promises.

Real making money opportunities exist, you just have to find the right one for you!

I currently work full-time from home making money with my online business.

With this website, I have reviewed tons of programs just like Paypal Money Adder. As you can imagine, I am no stranger to scam programs. I see them each and every day.

The unfortunate truth is that there are far more scam programs out there than legitimate making money opportunities.

That’s because it’s far easier, and cheaper to create a scam business opportunity and sell it, then it is to create a legit opportunity that actually works.

Paypal Money Adder is a scam, but this program actually works!

Hey Paypal Money Adder is a complete scam, but all is not lost. I like to point all my visitors in the right direction when it comes to finding a legit money making program online.

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It’s actually totally free to get started and requires no personal information so you can really see if it’s the right program for you without risking anything.

Thanks for checking out my  Paypal Money Adder review. If you have any questions or comments I would like to hear them in the comment section below ↓


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